What We Do

SaaS Platforms

Software as an Service Platforms are the new cool thing in the ecosystem.

While you are focusing on your business plan and marketing issues our team sustains the technological requirements of your business idea.

Artificial Intelligence

In our era Deep Learning and Machine Learning enable what was thought impossible before.

But still there is a huge lack of talented developers for the companies. We assist projects with our ready-to-use models.


Migration to cloud platforms and building complex structured applications are challenging for lots of service service providers.

With our experienced team we can guide you through your digital transformation journey.

How We Work

Discover Requirements

We want to fully understand your needs before implementing your project, so our first step is to analyze and document your high-level software requirements. With you, we will have many discussions, develop user stories, and document them in our project management tool, Redmine. This process ensures a project vision mutually agreed upon by your team and ours.

Design Recipes

In approach of Continuous delivery we will make your investment of requirements as soon as technically possible. We will build your project with your business in mind. We desing and stable demo environment. Having stable test,staging and demo environment is a crucial part of the process when going to production.

Develop Solutions

We stick to Agile Scrum methodology from the beginning. Not just a program, completely test your software application using industry standart development tools, automated testing, and an automated build process. Using the automated build processes, we can ensure product quality, ensure the quality of the software by running tests, detect coding issues, and enforce certain development rules prior to deployment. In addition, we are regularly documenting the code to making it easy to understand today or years from now.

Our Partners